The Top 4 Best Strategy Board Games

strategy board games

Video games are fantastic, and so are phone games, as they are more convenient, but it’s okay to want to pull away from the electronics and dive into a great strategy board game with friends or family. In this article, we’ll show you some of the top strategy board games that have dominated the market for the last few decades.

Risk: The Game of Global Domination

  • Players 3-5, Ages 10+, Playtime of 2-6 hours

If you love the idea of wars and conquering containments, you may want to grab the game of Risk and buckle up for a bumpy ride of war between friends who are now foes and wanting to take over your armies! One of the most prominent strategy games on the market, and has been for quite some time, you’ll be able to conquer territories and battle through the world map and acquire world domination.

You’ll use a roll of the dice to determine if you can beat your opponent and if you’ll be able to take over their units during your turn with your units. Each continent has a set number of armies and some continents are more desirable than others – but not everyone can get to specific areas so easily.

Game of Thrones: The Board Game

  • Players 3-6, Ages 14+, Playtime of 3-5 hours

Winter is well on its way! If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones and strategy, then you’ll love this next game that uses the player as a controller of a Great House of Westeros. Each player must use politics, war, and maybe even a bit of espionage in order to conquer the opponents and make your way to the infamous Iron Throne. In this game, you’ll battle with your opponents over a set 10 rounds. The person who has conquered the most territory will be crowed (or throned) the winner. Sometimes, you’ll have to keep your enemies closer and work with them in an alliance to take out another threat within the game – don’t take it personally if you’re the target!


  • Players 2-5, Ages 8+, Playtime of 30-45 minutes

With a much shorter play time than other strategy games we’ve mentioned, Carcassonne is a game for even some youngins to enjoy and pick up some sick strategy skills. In this game, your primary target are the tiles and you must lay them perfectly to develop a town around the target: Carcassonne. Then, you must use the population of the tiles to develop a civilized world with cities, fields, roads, and more. Those that develop the best territory are crowned the winner. Have you ever played the board game Settlers of Catan? If so, this game is definitely up your alley. It’s a quick game that can be learned even quicker. If you don’t think you can learn a new board game all that well – especially strategy, think again.


  • Players 2-12, Ages 7+, Playtime 30 minutes

A game that allows way more people, younger people, and has a shorter playtime?! Amazing and fantastic for those that want to dip their toes into some sort of fun strategy game. What you do within this game is have your cards dealt to you. Then, you’ll want to figure out where to place the cards. The chips you’ll be given will be placed on the cards ultimately. When you’re able to get 5 of these Chips in a row, you’ll win – it’s similar to connect four, but with way more strategy.

The Final Verdict

While we don’t suggest most of these games for anyone under 7 (although we’d praise you if you have a kid younger than that who is willing to sit there and learn a strategy game), we think these are great games to get your kids into or just play with a group of friends.

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