How To Buy Classic Luxury Watch For Men

mens luxury watches

Watches have a long history since when they were invented. From the grandfather clocks to the hand watches that we have today, time telling is now represented in a simple but sophisticated manner. In the world today, phones and digital watches are taking over, but they don’t resemble the cool hand watches that you see your boss wearing. If you want one that matches such standards, Groomingadepts sheds light on what men should wear when checking the time every time they need to. You don’t want to be like everyone else drawing out their iPhone or an expensive Android to see whether it’s in the afternoon, right? Watches from the Adepts have more details to show and gain you the respect you deserve – ‘Wow! Mr. Nice Watch’.

Luxury watches from Grooming Adepts at your disposal

Old school or new school, luxury watches for men have a high quality that is generated from the best designers’ minds. Quite a significant share is available on the site and here are some of the attributes that they disclose.

Something Rare

If you are wearing a watch piece with 18 karats pink gold representing the gold clasp, then you are not cheap. Expensive watches with distinctive features are often than not met with limited production making them a favorite collection in your closet. The best part is that you have Grooming Adepts supporting you in the journey of finding a treasure for the wrist.


After looking at what the watches feature, they all win when it comes to gorgeous dials. Some are black in color and others brown. A characteristic that captured my eye was of one of the watches featuring stainless steel with a rotating bezel. Most of the sub-dials go the analog way and the numerals portraying the Hindu-Arabic protocol. Hand watches in the US have the digits written that way since they are standard and familiar with most of us. You will also get one or two in the selection having the date display – a convenient way to tell you the time and date in full.

Resistance to damage

You will see watches with specifications saying that they are water resistant with measurements varying on water depth. Water resistance is a common but a vital feature that most watches have, but restrictions on how deep you can go with a watch will limit your selection. Some watches will resist water penetration no matter the depth, and they are suitable for maritime and aquatic sports. Others are scratch resistant on the crystal surfaces which is an adequate quality that will make your watch stay for long and still look great.


There are cool things that these watches have added on their list of what they can do. Some have GPS satellite integration that enables global functionality. They can accurately keep time across any of the 40 time zones in the world. More functions include toggling between 12hr and 24hr time representations. It is a cool stunt to have a device that you can use to access a perpetual calendar apart from waking you up in the morning.


It is the last thing that I am going to talk about, but most of the watch lovers view it a major quality that depicts whether a watch is worth buying or not. After all, regardless of how expensive your watch is, it belongs to the wrist so there should be something durable to make it hold. What the Grooming Adepts is showcasing has straps varying from metallic to leather. Some will have rubber but still sturdy and flexible to be comfortable on the hand and still go for a long time.

What do they recommend?

The survey done on the watches leads to voting for the Citizen Watches Mens CC9030-00E – Eco-Drive Navi Series. Reasons project to having a mixture of luxury and technical ability, robust functionality and durable enough. That does not mean that it is the selection that you will fall for since as they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. You will still have a great resemblance if you go for something with qualities short of the recommended selection.